Ian Callaghan 80 years

Join us celebrating one of Liverpool FC’s greatest servants of all time as he turns 80 years on Sunday April 10.: Ian Callaghan played incredible 857 matches over 18 years for LFC’s first team, an achievement no one will ever be able to repeat for the Reds. This Gentleman helped get Liverpool up in the first division, he won the league 5 times, he is the latest World Cup champion for England, he also secured Liverpool’s first FA-Cup win AND the Reds first European Cup triumph –and those two achievements were 12 years apart! Cally will take us back to his childhood in the 1940s and 1950s in Toxteth, to Penny Lane and Liverpool School boys, he will tell us what Bill Shankly did to be so successful and special, he will talk about his only (!) booking in 18 years and he will reveal his secret to being so fit, young and healthy. The Cally Special podcast is also with former team mate David Fairclough and LFC Author Ragnhild Lund Ansnes.
Happy Birthday Ian Callaghan, you are a true inspiration!

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